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Rosicrucian Brotherhood

From the Rosicrucian apologist's book Svmmvm Bonvm, The Highest Good, which first appeared in 1629 in German.

 by Robert Fludd

Portrait de Robert Fludd
(1574 Milgate, dans le Kent - 1637, Londres)

Robert Fludd ( 1574 - 1637 ) is considered an immediate father of Freemasonry, foremost among the disciples of Paracelsus, and "the central figure of Rosicrucian literature, towering as an intellectual giant... a man of immense erudition, and exalted mind" (Waite). The unfoldment of the Christ whithin each human soul is the magnum opus of spiritual alchemy and the central truth of Fludd's writing . These articles are drawn from the Rosicrucian apologist's book Svmmvm Bonvm, The Highest Good, which first appeared in 1629 in German.

- From RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS ( January-February, 1997 )


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 Part 1

From Rays from the Rose Cross - January-February, 1997



Part 2

From Rays from the Rose Cross - March-April, 1997



Part 3

From Rays from the Rose Cross - May-June, 1997




Robert Fludd was an Elizabethan alchemist who wrote voluminously on Rosicrucianism and alchemical thought, applying their doctrines to a vast description of man and the universe. Far ahead of his time, he recognized the universality of truth, whether from Catholic or Protestant sources, from the Hebrew Bible, from Pythagoras, Plato, or Hermes Trismegistus. Fludd had a genius for expressing his philosophy and cosmology in graphic form, and his works were copiously illustrated by some of the best engravers of his day.

- Godwin, Joscelyn - Robert Fludd. Hermetic Philosopher and Surveyor of Two Worlds (London: Thames & Hudson, 1979;  also published in French, Greek, Spanish and Japanese). Currently available from Adventures Unlimited.






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